Jim Patchell patchell at
Thu Aug 10 17:13:43 CEST 2000

"Fraser, Colin J" wrote:

> The LM13600 temperature compensation scheme looks really smart and might be
> the answer.
> How come nobody noticed it hidden away at the end of the data sheet all
> these years ?
> Colin f

    Speaking for myself personally, it was because it was mislabed as a "log"
converter, so that was the first reason.  Second reason, if I had read the text
discribing it, I would have realized what it really was.

    Paia seems to feel that it is good enough for a VCO.  I am going to wait
until I get my 9720 kit to reserve judgement.  I am mostly currious as to how
well it will actually perform the exponential function.  I am somewhat concerned
because the "temp sensor" is not exactly linear.  It very well me be that this
is not going to be a problem.  They seem to be operatin that OTA over a very
small input range which should keep it pretty linear.


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