Bergfotron update

jorgen.bergfors at jorgen.bergfors at
Thu Aug 10 10:19:33 CEST 2000

Hi all. I just updated my web site. The following new items are now available:

Minimoog VCA clone
photos, circuit board layout, schematics

Quadrature VCLFO
photos, circuit board layout, updated schematics

Octave quantizer, VC switch
New resistor values for more even CV steps (updated schematics)

Signal indicator
New component values (updated schematics)

Minimoog VCF
circuit board layout

Power supply
New page with circuit board layout

My workshop
Beautiful photo of board being etched.

Sound clips
New page with 30 MP3 files of Bergfotron sounds

On the old pages, typos are corrected and some obsolete information changed.

Hope you enjoy it, the URL is:


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