Bode Frequency Shifter - lookie here!!!

Magnus Danielson cfmd at
Wed Aug 9 23:59:09 CEST 2000

Hi gang!

With a little help of my friends and the new HP ScannerJet 5370C that I bougth
yeasterday after work I have now scanned all 38 pages of the freestanding
description of the Bode Frequency shifter. This includes theory of operations,
trimmings, trimsetups etc. The whole lot. So, those of you in need to download
6 MB of data, just go here and fetch the JPEGs:

I know that I have not yeat hacked a index file, but hey, I was too lazy to
do it right now, possibly later. Now you can go and fetch it in your own time.

Now, due to my 10 MB quota limit I was not able to pull this off widthout
some sacrifice, so the ASM-1 page is partly crippled. Some hidden stuff also
had to move out temporarilly. I will look into what I can do to get more space.

When I looked at these images yeasterday they looked acceptably good to me,
but please let me know if you feel some picture requires a rescan!

I could save a lot of space in OCRing the text and all that, but hey, this was
the result of my first nigth with the scanner!

Now, if someone wants more to be scanned, then send me the schematics ;D

Oh, I doo have the "missing" pages of the Bode as they appear in the Moog
Modular service manual, however, those will require quite some restoration
work, so it will have to wait some. One of the schematics is so bad that it is
hard to follow properly, there is vague details in there. I think I could
restore most of it and fill the rest out. It is however quite a feat to do.

So, download and enjoy!


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