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Sun Aug 6 21:42:31 CEST 2000

I have a  midi-2-PIC-2-SID idea in my active project file....So
if you ever wanted to play with this chip now would be a good time
to start looking for a old "tan-hump" C64 to grab a 6581 out of. If
you are serious you might want to get more than one they tend to be
a little flaky.  I don't know how long it will be before anything 
actually comes of this. It's been active for almost a year now without 
a single line of code being written.  I have the instruction-set and
application notes and am finally getting the hang of PIC-programming
so who knows? I doubt it will be as complicated as the SID Station
but I think it could be useful. If I ever get it built, I guess  I'll have to
give Jim's SID back so he can play too....;-)



>     I do believe that the 6581 first appeared in the C64, if it wasn't
> the C64, it was definately a Commodore computer.  I purchased a C64 just
> for the express purpose of playing with this chip.  Pretty cool chip.  I
> used to have one that I bought, I was going to make a simple synth at
> one time that used four, but....never got around to it.
> *Star Project wrote:
> > Hey...
> >
> > from which computer does the MOS6581 chip
> > origin from?
> >
> > / Andreas
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