Ding ding ding... tubes [ valves ] and transistors

Peter Blackett dragonser at clara.net
Sat Aug 5 21:55:13 CEST 2000

Dear Harry 
[ and everyone else ]
the long discussion about tubes[valves ] and transistors ..........
for some things tubes are good , for others transistors are good
I think it is important that the design of the circuit is good whatever
sort of amplifying stage you are using ...............
I think that the design of op amps has improved over the years so you
can sometimes get better performance in some synth circuits by using
more modern op amps ......
but you have to realise that if the sound of the circuit depends on the
frequency responce [ or other characteristic ]of the op amp , then
replacing the op amp with a more modern one may destroy the part of the
sound of the original design .
I think that BBD devices may be perfectly good for some applications ,
even though they may not have a good signal to noise ratio .
As mentioned on this list before , if someone comes up with a digital
replacement that can do some of the things that the BBd ic's can , then
there should be a market for it ........
I'm still suprised how many synths have the BBd devices in the chorus
circuitry .
regards Peter 
South London England

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