Wiard Wavemunger (updates to musicsynthesizer.com)

Grant Richter grichter at execpc.com
Fri Aug 4 22:07:40 CEST 2000

Hello Everybody,
Sorry I forgot the DIY sub-directory. Oops....

New updates at

1. We get a sponsor: The Wiard Wavemunger

2. Oh Joystick!

3. Wiard Mini-Wave: Insanely beautiful, or just insane? You Make The Call!

4. Inner Visions of Dr. Mabuse: Vol. 1
A look into the Doctors studio.  A C-64 based personally programmed
stochastic music system controlling a Serge. Synthomancy: an attempt to
divine the future by the examination of the entrails of synthesizers. A
"Small Nuclear Orchestra", a modern electronium by Dr. Mabuse using modules
from Blacet, Doepfer, PAIA and Wiard.

Best Regards,


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