Digital Delay w/a mind of its own...

Tony Allgood oakley at
Fri Aug 4 20:41:28 CEST 2000

>... I've had american gear that was designed to run on 110 or 220
get upset by 240 because the regulators (78xx etc) couldn't throw away
enough of the volts coming out of the bridge; they overheat and shut
for a while.

110V stuff should never be used in the UK at all without a step down
(auto)transformer or a new transformer. You will have over twice the
voltage being applied to the regulators if you don't, most 78/79xx will
die permanently if you exceed 37V. The smoothing caps will go bang at
some point as well.

Trade shows are a good for this. US one day, then Europe the next...
whoops, someone forgot to change the little switch at the back and now
our Spectrum Analyser doesn't work, and what's that smell?? :-)

However, there are units out there that will run on any supply from the
lowest 95V in Japan to the highest here in the UK. Tend to be switch
mode though.


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