Analog sequencer question...

Christopher Randall chris at
Fri Aug 4 04:42:20 CEST 2000

Thanks to everyone for your help. I think I pretty much got this beat. It's
just a matter of getting the right combination of resistor values, at this

In that light, I do have one question though, before I start building:

How important is the low or off time coming from the 555? I tried it with no
resistor at all, and the 4017 steps fine, but I imagine that will cause me
trouble down the road with whatever device I plan to trigger. Basically,
what ratio of high time to low time is acceptable?

Sorry if that seems like a simple and/or dumb question, but I've only
recently jumped in to the modular world, and am not wise to some of the
ancient lore...

- Chris Randall

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