My Midi controlled VCF module

Mike Maloney mwmjr at
Wed Aug 2 21:14:57 CEST 2000

RE: My Midi controlled VCF moduleI think gcc (which is free) will compile
AVR code, you might want to check out  It handles several other
targets as well. The primary release is for Linux, but there are ports for
Windows platforms.

Mike Maloney

> >> Which programming language will you use? PLM, C, PASCAL,
> >I've made my prelimiary code in C, Keil C to be exact.
> Which version? I have 5.2. And I also got the franklin
> windows version...
Keil C v5.2 and uVision v1.32. Licensed, at my work. At home I've some demo
version that works equally well. It should stop at 2Kb code, but it doesn't.

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