My Midi controlled VCF module

Steve Richardson prefect at
Wed Aug 2 18:58:54 CEST 2000

Paul Maddox wrangled the electrons to say:
> >> Be careful - I have heard that the AVR series need an
> >> external reset circuit as the are not brownout save!!!
> >A resistor and capacitor will suffice I think. Otherwise, a MAX690
> (unfortunatly expensive) will do the job nicely.

Check out the Telcom reset devices.  They go for about $1.00US in
onesies, down to $0.75US in 100's.  Digikey stocks them, too.

They come in several voltage ranges and in active low/active high

One example is:

I use these when I don't want to spend $$ on a Maxim part and don't
really need a watchdog.



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