My Midi controlled VCF module

Paul Maddox paul.maddox at
Wed Aug 2 17:50:10 CEST 2000

RE: My Midi controlled VCF moduleJeron,

>> Be careful - I have heard that the AVR series need an
>> external reset circuit as the are not brownout save!!!

>A resistor and capacitor will suffice I think. Otherwise, a MAX690
(unfortunatly expensive) will do the job nicely.

you SHOULD need a brownout controlle,r but if you have a PSU that drops the
5v line quick enough and starts it
quick enough then you'll be ok with just a cap/res (I use the cap/res with a
7905 reg without any probs)

>Yep, but I do only have the free AVR Studio... no C compiler, so I will
have to write everything in assembly. Not really a problem, I've
>done that for many years.

Check out the codevision compiler
Its cheap and I bought it, and its VERY good..

Paul Maddox
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