ASM1 power supply

Jim Patchell patchell at
Wed Aug 2 16:20:28 CEST 2000

    If you are going to truely build your own supply, take a look at:

    I give a discription of how to build a basic power supply, there is even a
PCB layout, although, I can't remember what format it is in.  I think there
are gerber files in there.

alone wrote:

> Hi!
> I have completed the asm1 + ricks ladder fitler all in one metal box
> tested and it works in normal known fluctuations (pitch tend to drift once
> in a while)
> right now trying to figure the power supply structure
> i have two 7815 units and the diode bridge (the four leg small round black
> unit)

    I think you are going to have lot locate a 7915 as well.  The 7915 is the
negative regulator.

> and a transfomer that gives ac +15 +15 and 0

    You didn't say anything about filter caps.  You should locate some 2200uF
35V capacitors, 4700uF 35V would be even better.  Some 10uF 25 volt capacitors
should be placed on the outputs.  Also, pick up some 1n4003 or 1n4004's.  If
you look at my schematic, I put some extra diodes around the regulators to
prevent accidents.  You can use your bridge for the main rectifier.  You
should see two terminals marked with a '~', these go to the transformer, and
you should see a terminal marked with a + and a -, these will go to the filter
capacitors.  The terminal marked on your transformer as 0 is the center tap.
This will be your ground connection.

> im puzzled abit how to assemble it all.
> the diodebridge orientation is not understood too.
> any help,  suggests  schematics will be great for me
> tnx!

    Hope this helps.


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