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Jeroen Proveniers J.Proveniers at
Tue Aug 1 16:03:01 CEST 2000


I'm planning to build the Oakley VCF and to equip it with a MIDI interface.
While thinking over this idea I realised that because it will have a
microcontroller it could be equiped with some extra features besides MIDI
control of cutoff and resonance.
The idea is to implement some LFOs that can modulate the cutoff and
resonance, and possibly the LFOs can modulate each other (some simple kind
of modulation matrix as found on for example the Oberheims, Korg MS2000).
It's all the in the software so it's not really difficult.
What do you other people think about this project? It will definitely create
those slow long lasting filterswept soundscapes which the Casio CZ101 is
good at because of it's 8 stage envelopes..
I will design the user interface as analog as possible.

The only problem is, the more features you design into a module the closer
you get to a complete synth... -:)

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