a little diy

Harry Bissell harrybissell at prodigy.net
Tue Aug 1 05:47:16 CEST 2000

Good story Rory...

I made a box from "Transistor Tickler" from 49 Easy Science and Entertainment
Projects ... by Brown ???  (its been a LONG time...)  A very cool book that
tells you
exactly what NOT to do...

do not increase the plate voltage to this tranmitter or you will vioate FCC
rules and
be heard all over town...


Do not use more that a 1.5V battery or harmful voltages may result. Naturally a
9V battery was the next thing... It was a one transistor blocking oscillator,
driving a 6.3V
filiment transformer backwards... so probably the output was between 180V and
360V... but also at a much higher frequency... maybe 5KHz...  A baby inverter.

So I packaged it in a cardboard box, with aluminum foil wrapping, and a red
Went up to the neighborhood BULLY who was always picking on me and said...
"I don't understand... someone left this package in front of MY house but it
has your
name on it do you think its for you ???"   He said (in typical bully fashion)
"YEAH... Its MINE... GIVE IT TO ME..."   and yanked it out of my hands.
Knocked him right on his ass... I 'ROTFLMFAO'  and y'know... he never picked on

me ever again....

The Miracle of Electronics (DIY style) at work...

next week... why the boss of the radio station got so upset when I charged a
cap with it... and threw it to him...


Energy = 1/2 C V^2


Rory McDonald wrote:

> Nice to see you back on the list, Lew.
> I agree that it was distasteful and insensitive.  The page is not in a
> humorous vein; at least
> I didnt find particularily funny. I am however guilty of making "shock-box"
> christmas gifts
> one year when I was younger to rid my brother of his nasty habit of
> attempting to figure out
> his christmas presents by shaking them.  But he got nowhere near 80,000
> volts (more like 25v off a dc battery/transformer).
> -Rory McDonald
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> Guys I agree with freedom of speech and the free flow of information. I
> have been off of this list for about a year and a half and only recently
> had the time to jump back on the list. Being an animal rights activist
> and advocate, I find this post not only disturbing but sick. If this is
> what this list has been reduced to, allowing this kind of tripe to be
> included, count me OUT. Who is this twisted F--king prick anyhow.
> Yes I am pissed.
> Lew
> andy wrote:
> >         here's a little diy:
> >
> >         how to kill squirrels. 80000 volts up the ass.
> >
> >         http://drew.corrupt.net/squirrel/

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