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Mike Maloney mwmjr at
Tue Aug 1 05:06:42 CEST 2000

I've seen a lot of traffic regarding parts availability and pricing.  In
order to help people with these issues, I have established (just barely, but
what do you want for an hour's work?) a directory for parts sourcing.

In order for this to work, I need input from anybody who is out shopping
parts.  Right now, the content is pretty sparse, since it just comes from my
own recent experience.  With intelligence from the synth-diy community, it
seems like it could be a useful resource -

I also threw in a message board, which might be convenient for people trying
to unload surplus parts, or to let people know about special deals that
might be floating around.

the primary thrust is to answer the two questions
a) where do I find ____________?
b) where can I get the best price on ______________?

I know that there are a number of synth-diy pages out there, and I don't
want to step on anyone's toes, so if anyone has attacked this particular
slant, let me know.  If not, I'm soliciting entries and suggestions.

You can check the site out in its infancy:

Let me know what you think, both of the idea, and the site.  Any suggestions

Mike Maloney

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