a little diy

Jon Darby jdarby at lplizard.com
Tue Aug 1 00:04:27 CEST 2000

Ummm, I have not seen the webpage but I would hope that it was done with a
little humor in mind and not 100% serious, evil-natured intentions. Who
would put the effort into killing a squirrel in such a scientific manner?
I'm sorry I answered this, I think maybe you are overreacting a bit. But
like I said, I have not seen the page and I could be wrong. Then again, I
don't remember seeing any appropriate guidelines forbidding certain project
descriptions when signing onto the list.

Yes, I have a Wade Boggs rookie card,

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>Guys I agree with freedom of speech and the free flow of information. I
>have been off of this list for about a year and a half and only recently
>had the time to jump back on the list. Being an animal rights activist
>and advocate, I find this post not only disturbing but sick. If this is
>what this list has been reduced to, allowing this kind of tripe to be
>included, count me OUT. Who is this twisted F--king prick anyhow.
>Yes I am pissed.
>andy wrote:
>>         here's a little diy:
>>         how to kill squirrels. 80000 volts up the ass.
>>         http://drew.corrupt.net/squirrel/

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