large value resistors

Jim Patchell patchell at
Tue Nov 30 21:03:34 CET 1999

    Allen Bradley (sp>) used to have a line of Cermit Resistors.  I know you
could get 20Meg 1% parts, and it seems like you could get up to 100Meg parts,
although it seems like the tolerence went down to 2% at that value (warning:
these are 25 year old memories, lots of rust was flaking off while these were
being recalled ;-o).


Haible Juergen wrote:

>         > Does anyone know a source for very high value precision resitors?
>         >
>         > R > 10 Meg
>         >
>         > Preferably Germany or Europe.
>         >
>         >m.c.
> I've never seen something like that.
> What do you need them for ?
> Often you can solve the problem with a "T" configuration of 3 resistors ...
> JH.

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