Hellfire vs. Serge Waveshaper (was: Re: Tube Challenge!!)

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Tue Nov 30 20:21:37 CET 1999

At 4:28 PM -0500 11/29/99, tomg wrote:
>Sorry guys, the Serge wave shaper does all of this and more
>using a single Norton opamp and a couple of diodes.

Just to be fair, that's not entirely true.  While I have schematics for the
Serge Waveshaper, and have not seen schematics for the Hellfire, they seem
different enough.

The Metasonix website itself describes its Sheet Beam Modulator as "similar
to the 'Serge Waveshaper' but with considerable tube distortion and
assorted nonlinearities added."  In addition to this waveshaper, it has a
pre-amp/VCA, an LFO, a "PWM circuit," and stereo outputs.

>That's $2 vs $549 soon to be $749!!

What's with the Early Bird Special??  It seems a bit odd.

>BTW it will run on a 9V battery..;-) You can build 4 from a
>quad LM3900 and still only spend $50 bucks.....w/panel,

If you told me that you were going to sit there and tell us why the
Phattytron isn't worth $2500, I'd pull out the chair for you.  Otoh, the
price of this Hellfire gizmo seems reasonable.  Look at any $600 analog
processor, and chances are you'll find $10 worth of electronics doing the
processing.  The rest goes for the knobs, jacks, power supply, paint,
chassis, manual, etc.  The Hellfire is enclosed in a 2U metal box -- that
alone costs more than $50.

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