Cam - Update

tomg efm3 at
Tue Nov 30 19:11:41 CET 1999

Some people had trouble loading the cam page. Each
module is now on it's own page. I have added parts-lists,
overlays and pcb layouts for all of the modules. They have
a common link to this page....

You guys who didn't order boards can start now...;-) 

The boards are scheduled for the 17th. That's great, because
it means I can have them to most of you before the holidays.
I have until noon tomorrow to add to the order. If you want 
in on CAM boards you have about 24 hours to place or change
your order.

If you ordered the VCO7 it has been delayed until I figure out
how to use tempcos with it. Heater works fine...? I will substitute
the VCO3 (see the cam page for details) unless told not too
by the person who placed the order. This one works well ether 

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