[AH] Artiste Synths

Doyle doyle at apex.net.au
Tue Nov 30 06:54:18 CET 1999

come to think of it, it didn't seem to have any leads, just coloured
like bana leads with no lead...

Budweiser [FtS] wrote:

> Not sure of the name of the track, but if its the clip I am thinking
> Brian Eno
> is playing an EMS VCS3. The patch board is for patching CV and audio
> signals to create sounds :)
> ~bud
> > One such occation was on a Roxy Music clip, I forget the song, but
> > Eno's playing an instrument that has some kind of matrix with about
> > holes for pins. I'd love to know what keyboard it is, but also what
> > matrix is for, I'm assuming for some sort of early computer

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