Tube Challenge!!

tomg efm3 at
Tue Nov 30 06:39:49 CET 1999

I understand...I do really..I love tubes. If I had the time I might even
be in there helping to get the tube thing up and running..but for the fun
of it not because I thought it was actually going to be worth the trouble
or produce an exceptional synth of some kind. I don't. But there may
be a nugget or two to be had. For example...I get weak in the knees
for good tube compression.

I had a thought or two that might help. Peavy made a hybrid ic/tranny/
tube amp (the Renown I think)  they used a pair of high voltage trannys
MPUXXX (? sorry) as a diff-amp driving a pair of 6L6s directly. There
were some interesting supply tricks used. A pair of these might make
a good tube expo-conv. I could find these numbers if I had to.... in case
your interested.

As a filter you might look at building something like the cry-baby using
tubes instead of trannys, maybe two stages. For voltage control use
LDRs and lamps.

Yes the Norton amplifier is a curious beast. The average opamp
differences input voltages. The Norton differences input currents. In
fact currents can be passed between the input terminals that's how
the wave shaper works.


>Hi Tom and list!
>Interesting that you bring up Nortons! I love 'em. There are so much nice
>things that can be done with them, which can't be done with opamps.
>(Now replace the word "Nortons" with "Tubes" and re-read the above
>sentence. Sounds familiar?!) Another little explored sector in the
>The Serge wave shaper opens up new sounds (like a tube
>because there is a different concept. Different from static waveform + VCF
>shaping. It modulates the spectral content directly.
> René

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