Tube Challenge!!

Rene Schmitz uzs159 at
Tue Nov 30 01:02:36 CET 1999

At 16:28 29.11.99 -0500, you wrote:
>Sorry guys, the Serge wave shaper does all of this and more
>using a single Norton opamp and a couple of diodes. That's
>$2 vs $549 soon to be $749!! 

Hi Tom and List!

Interesting that you bring up Nortons! I love 'em. There are so much nice 
things that can be done with them, which can't be done with opamps. 
(Now replace the word "Nortons" with "Tubes" and re-read the above 
sentence. Sounds familiar?!) Another little explored sector in the universe.
The Serge wave shaper opens up new sounds (like a tube
because there is a different concept. Different from static waveform + VCF 
shaping. It modulates the spectral content directly. 


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