Scope repairs

Paul Perry pfperry at
Mon Nov 29 23:58:22 CET 1999

At 03:31 PM 29/11/99 -0500, List, Christopher wrote:

>Note that I had a hell of a time with some of the torx bolts that hold the
>cover on. Those are about the stupidest pieces of hardware I've ever seen.
>The small ones have almost nothing for the tool to hold on to, and they
>strip very easily.

I'm getting sa bit OT here, but..
various manufacturers make goop to increase the friction between screwdrivers
and screws etc, you dab it on the blade. I think it is a suspension of 
carborundum powder. I've used it to remove Philips screws that were pretty
well worn away. And (shhh!) to huse philips drivers to open 'security' screws.

Here in Australia, you get it from auto parts stores that carry 'Recoil' stuff.

paul perry Melbourne Australia

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