Scope repairs

Barry L Klein Barry.L.Klein at
Mon Nov 29 23:32:47 CET 1999

Best first bet -
take the cover off and reseat every connection you come across.  If that
doesn't work, I'd think the HV is good as the trace is bright(?).  Maybe a
bad screen voltage somewhere or bad driver - does the trace scan ok?  If
you have the schematic you can check all the "higher" voltages on the CRT
- under 400V or so and can measure with a DVM.
After that:
Try yelling at it alot and tell it it has to work to fix itself or its
going in the dumpster.....  then give it a day to think about it and it
will work the next time you turn it on.


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At 01:37 PM 29/11/99 -0500, Caloroso, Michael E wrote:

>Sounds like a dying CRT, either the electron guns or the deflectors have
developed a fault.  There might be a problem with the driver circuits, but
that's less likely.
It doesn't sound anything like it to me.
If it deteriorated over a day or so, it sounds like a
capacitor, somewhere in the focussing/beam forming ckt.

paul perry melb australia

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