Tube Challenge!!

tomg efm3 at
Mon Nov 29 22:28:13 CET 1999

Sorry guys, the Serge wave shaper does all of this and more
using a single Norton opamp and a couple of diodes. That's
$2 vs $549 soon to be $749!! 

BTW it will run on a 9V battery..;-) You can build 4 from a 
quad LM3900 and still only spend $50 bucks.....w/panel,

The Hellfire looks very nice....If you want novelty it fits the
bill. IMO you aren't going to get many if any "new" sounds 
from tube based synthesis and the cost is nutty unless 
you've got surplus laying around (I do).... but whatever....

$549 think about it...What did Nick say? His mid-level 
Nord DSP Soft-Modular was $500.....

BTW2 I have a tube function generator somewhere
around here. The first $999.99 takes it...:-) I could use
the cash for a MiniMoog!

-tg  (guitars and tubes forever!)

>>I just took a look at the Hellfire at the > Metasonix 
>website.  It seems to do things that have never > been done 
>with solid-state. 
>Exactly what I am saying! Anyone interested in tubes should 
>really check this unit out:
>BTW, anybody have any thoughts on this module, the unique 

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