Tube Challenge!!

KA4HJH ka4hjh at
Mon Nov 29 22:06:02 CET 1999

>  >That could be fun, you could use a tube geiger counter to
>  >generate random noise.
>What's a geiger counter??  I thought it was a device used to measure
>background radiation.  I have no idea how they work.  Getting parts is
>difficult enough without searching for plutonium on the black market :)

Measuring background radiation with any device would give you noise 
but not at AF (Buchla fans might not care). You need something 
radioactive to speed up the counts. I have a jar of uranyl acetate 
that livens things up. My radium clock isn't working as well--I guess 
the half-life catches up with us all (doesn't tell time anymore, 

Does anyone know of a source for Geiger-Mueller tubes? There was a 
guy selling brand new scintillation counters at local hamfests for 
$50--a couple of years ago. 8(

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