Artiste synths

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Mon Nov 29 21:21:10 CET 1999

Brian Enos' synthi aks is on the auction site at the
momentif your seriously interested £16000 as of last week--£3000 the week
before .There's lots of more realistically priced items including a new
unstarted Formant modular kit at £580.
regards all ,
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> First of all I'd like to thank everyone who went to great lengths to
> find Robert Whittle's address.
> I would like to know if there is a site somewhere that has lists and
> perhaps pics of artists and their synths, possibly ordered in album and
> date. I'm asking this because there have been many albums that I have
> heard and told myself "This synth kicks!".
> One such occation was on a Roxy Music clip, I forget the song, but Brian
> Eno's playing an instrument that has some kind of matrix with about 200
> holes for pins. I'd love to know what keyboard it is, but also what this
> matrix is for, I'm assuming for some sort of early computer programming.
> Thanx in advance to anyone with info.

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