Scope repairs

Caloroso, Michael E CalorosoME at
Mon Nov 29 19:37:07 CET 1999

> One of the worst disasters to befall the diyer has just happened. My
> scope is dying and needs a quick kiss of life. The line/dot has become
> very hard to focus, either side of a very narrow margin the dot/line
> becomes an amorphous blob that threatens to take over the whole screen.
> The fault seemed to develop overnight. All other functions work OK,
> including X and Y positioning. I have the full schematics to the scope,
> a TEK 2225, but without a scope or a high voltage DVM, I am at a loss. I
> have been inside and the focus knob is working fine, and nothing else
> looks bad. Has anyone any ideas? Or failing that, any nice repair shops
> for dying CRTs in the UK.
Sounds like a dying CRT, either the electron guns or the deflectors have developed a fault.  There might be a problem with the driver circuits, but that's less likely.

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