Compression Effects

Plinio Barraza plinio at
Mon Nov 29 12:57:49 CET 1999

Hi all

Although I missed the recent thread on 
compressors, I was wondering what some of you 
think are the most noticeable effects of 
compressing a sound.

When I work in the studio, I have gotten used to 
boosting the high frequencies after compressing.  
I'm not sure if this is a good aproach though.

My ears definitely told me there was a light 
boxy effect going on.  I guess that one could 
think that the high frequencies riding ontop of 
a compressed wave could get attenuated.  But one 
could also think that the wave is getting more 
square (steeper rise flatter top -especially in 
a limiter kind of compression) and therefore it 
would make the overall sound brighter.

Perhaps the filtering that takes place is 
different for the type of compression used 
(threshhold, attack, decay), cause if the attack 
is slow I guess there is no reason for the 
actual sound to change)

Any thoughts?


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