Tube Challenged

harrybissell at harrybissell at
Mon Nov 29 18:55:53 CET 1999

Hmmm... why don't we go really REALLY Retro...
Let's build "special purpose synthesizer modules" like I'm thinking... how about a damped percussion oscillator module made from a stretched membrane of animal hide... maybe we could couple it to a resonator module to enhance the tone...
Hollow Log... anyone ???

;^) Harry (who will herafter live in the "one universe populated by both solid state and thermionic devices... as proposed by Rene Schmitz...) Bissell

 ---- On Nov 29 Haible Juergen <Juergen.Haible at> wrote: 
> 	>One problem with tubes is that they can't swing all the way to zero
> easily.
> 	>A negative supply helps here. (E.B. used an extra -150V supply in a
> few
> 	>places.)
> 	>So building logic with "saturating" on-off switches is difficult.
> Now if you really want to go retro, build the digital part of the ADSR from
> relays ... but honestly, I don't expect a VCF to sound warmer when modulated
> by a tube / relay ADSR. Hmm, thinking of it, the relay's hold time might
> add some "punch" before the Decay phase starts ... (;->)
> JH.

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