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Y-ellow Y'all.
	For those who have been wondering when my novel would finally be
published, wonder no longer. I'm mentioning it here because a number of
people have been asking. If you're not interested, tune out now. 

A description of the story is below but first a warning to prudes. This
story contains excessive expletives and even a chapter of senseless and
gratuitous erotica. Designed to upset the Australian sensor who probably
has nothing better to do than to sit in a darkened room and toss off over
X-rated videos for living. So Doyle, now's the time to stick your head back
in the sand.

It took 7 months to write and features many faces you'll probably find
familiar from these thar parts. It's probably a hack job but if you want to
read the best -non UFO- story I've written, now's your chance to read it
for free. Warning! It's 25 chapters long with 2 pre-chapters and a preface.!geekworld-the-st

Where you can read on-line in HTML or download the whole thing zipped up as
text files.

Or you can first detour through the Geekworld -the web pages- where there
are many other wonderful geeky things. Geek contributions welcome.

A group of friends are about to discover that their history is something
called science fiction and biology is plastic.

Imagine how you'd feel if you woke up one morning to find that your whole
world was a fabrication. They fought the good fight against the mysterious
"mechanoids" from outer space but when Nazi soldiers invade the streets of
San Francisco and entire continents begin to disappear from the face of the
Earth, it's probably time to meet your maker. If only to ask him why.

Everyone dies in the real world but in geekworld, you always get your way

Hope this helps.

And remember. If censorship protects us from material that could make us
all twisted and perverted, then those who's job it is to censor this
material must be the most twisted and perverted people on the planet. And
we're prepared to just sit there and let those kind of people dictate what
we should and shouldn't consume?

NOTE: This story is published in America so to Brian Harradine -recently
described as "the Chihuahua of Australian politics"- and other wankers who
might want to take offence at this we say, "suck my dick!"

Be absolutely Icebox.

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