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Tony Clark clark at andrews.edu
Sun Nov 28 17:54:11 CET 1999

   Hi all,

   In response to my previous post, here is the web link for a wire 
manufacturer that has some nice stuff on their site:


   They have a downloadable program that allows you to calculate 
resistivity per gage per length, and also has charts which show the 
various properties of various metals and alloys.  Pretty handy if you are 
into that sort of thing.
   The interesting alloy is the NiCoFe 294 which has a 3300ppm coeff.  I 
was wrong about the Platinum coeff, they don't list it, but I can see 
that it was pure Nickel (the stuff we use at my job) that has a coeff of 
+6000ppm (which is probably why we use it for our temperature elements).
   Anyway, you can get wire from them either in coated or bare form, 
depending on the gage.
   Hope this is of use to you guys!


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