OT: Nitzer Ebb synths

Rob cyborg_0 at iquest.net
Sun Nov 28 03:37:56 CET 1999

Well, I can believe that a lot of oberheim technology went into the album,
but cmon, the WHOLE album done with a stack of matrix 1000s?

Hmm... Well, from what I remember from the few matrix 6s' I have worked on,
those units had incredible animation of sounds due to the modulation matrix,
which MANY synth companies have copied but none cept maybe Emu have done
even a decent imitation.

The resonant sizzle of the matrix 6s is a must hear. The matrix 1000s, otoh,
didnt seem to have as much punch.. I have thought maybe this was due to a
change in the software envelopes between the 6 and 1000..

Both sound really good though. Matrix 6 goes for about 450, and the matrix
1000s are still being sold in limited quantities last time I tried to get
one.. they go for about 300-400 used.. I will eventually get off of my duff
and get one.


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