[AH] December Kit Special

John E Blacet blacet at metro.net
Sat Nov 27 10:53:57 CET 1999

"On a related note: Will the new modules be available as kits? Hope

--I expect so, since this question has been coming up quite often;
although the assembled versions are shipping first.

"And on an even more related note: What are the current requirements of
the new modules? Is +- 200 mA enough to power a full rack?"

---Certainly no problem with 5 modules plus a few more, depending on
type. Later next year, as more modules appear, we will most likely add a
commercial linear supply and hook that up to our PSCONN distribution
board. This would be a 800 mA model with international power
compatibility. The PS100 will fade away and the PS200 will be the "entry
level" supply. 

Thanks for your interest in our products!

John Blacet
Blacet Research Music Electronics
blacet at metro.net

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