Tempco calcs

Tony Clark clark at andrews.edu
Sat Nov 27 03:38:26 CET 1999

   Yes, there are a number of really good linear metals, my company uses 
pure nickel wire to make temperature elements for our adiabatic machines 
but again, the problem is the low resistivity.  Something like 90 ohms 
per foot at some small gage.  Stuff is rediculously thin.
   Anyway, I did some looking into buying bare wire, before I settled on 
Micro-ohm tempcos.  I forget where, but there is a good site with 
calculators and whatnot.  They had a number of different pure metal 
wires, and Platinum was one, but it had a coeff of 6000ppm, nearly twice 
what we'd normally use.
   The stuff that has the right coeff is not actually a pure metal but a 
combination of three.  Can't recall which, but if I dig up that site, 
I'll give it a post.


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> > How does Platin fit into the picture ? There are several platin sensors
> > available
> > meanwhile that are said to be very linear tempco resistors. (I got a sample
> > month ago, but no time to test it.)
> > 
> > JH.

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