Tempco calcs

Ian Fritz ijfritz at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 27 01:39:05 CET 1999

JH --

Hmmm... "Platin". Would that be what we call platinum (chemical symbor
Pt)? As I mentioned, an 8% series resistance give the proper T
dependence. Its drawback is its price. I found some 100 Ohm Pt chip
resistors at www.irctt.com, but they didn't give a price. The 1-2k units
sold for sensor applications are around $20 or more.


jhaible wrote:

> How does Platin fit into the picture ? There are several platin sensors
> available
> meanwhile that are said to be very linear tempco resistors. (I got a sample
> month ago, but no time to test it.)
> JH.

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