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Rene Schmitz uzs159 at
Fri Nov 26 19:20:10 CET 1999

At 17:27 26.11.99 +0100, Haible Juergen wrote:
>	>As far as I understood Erics' schematic, he used two 110V to 6.3V
>	>transformers back to back. This is nice, because you can use
>	>transformers, and get power for the filaments. 
>Ahh, I see. This makes sense, of course.

Erm, what I was talking about is the PSU of that neonlamp-keyboard on the
"Phattytron" page at Synthfool, it shows two transformers. What you meant
was the TS10-PSU, which seems to be indeed a transformer with a second 110V

What about using one of those "insulation" transformers (the 220V->110V
kind) for such a PSU? These should be suitable. I discovered some 150W
types recently in the Reichelt 
catalog. 35 EUR. But you'd need an extra 6V transformer then.

(I'm lucky with those 10 W transformers I bought a few years back for 2
EUR, they have 4 different secondary windings with 73V, 65V, 24V and 9V.
Makes about 230V after the rectifier.)


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