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Rene Schmitz uzs159 at
Fri Nov 26 17:47:45 CET 1999

At 16:41 26.11.99 +0100, Haible Juergen wrote:

>Well yes, I was thinking about versions with 4 separate wires, and
>only after checking the isolation. BUT even in that case, I would
>not trust the insulation between the two halves of primary as much
>as the insulation between primary and secondary. You often have 
>separate compartments for pri and sec, or a grounded shield winding 
>I just saw this circuit of Eric and thought he might have done it that way,
>and there might be transformers that have the necessary safety
>insulation. Anyway, no use for that in Germany ...

As far as I understood Erics' schematic, he used two 110V to 6.3V
transformers back to back. This is nice, because you can use standard
transformers, and get power for the filaments. 


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