More tubes

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at
Fri Nov 26 16:41:30 CET 1999

	>  I wouldn't use the second primary winding, I just wouldn't
	>feel safe, many of these dont have a seperate winding, some
	>are just a center tapped 220v winding...

Well yes, I was thinking about versions with 4 separate wires, and
only after checking the isolation. BUT even in that case, I would
not trust the insulation between the two halves of primary as much
as the insulation between primary and secondary. You often have 
separate compartments for pri and sec, or a grounded shield winding 
I just saw this circuit of Eric and thought he might have done it that way,
and there might be transformers that have the necessary safety
insulation. Anyway, no use for that in Germany ...

	>  I found a transformer for my tube project, it took a little
	>but I got one that gives me 600V (with CT) at 150mA ,5v @4A and
	>6.3v at 6A and it cost me 35UKP. bargin...

Transformers like that show up from time to time. 
What I didn't say is that I have this habit of using toroidals only in all
gear, and I've never seen one of these with "tube" voltages.


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