Tube power transformers

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>   I found a transformer for my tube project, it took a little hunting
>but I got one that gives me 600V (with CT) at 150mA ,5v @4A and
>6.3v at 6A and it cost me 35UKP. bargin...

Ok, this sounds like it began like as a television transformer. The specs 
are right for a one channel power amplifier as well, or even a small stereo 

The 5V winding is to run a rectifier (5AR4, 5U4, 5Y3 etc), the 6.3V is for 
the main heater circuit. The 600V is of course the B+. The filament 
supplies can run one or two rectifiers, and about two dozen small signal 

Did you notice another tap anywhere that seems to be making about 70-90V or 
so? This would be for a fixed-bias supply, and would give the part away as 
an audio supply.

In short, nice transformer.

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