guitar speaker/was Re: Tube challenge!

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at
Fri Nov 26 12:02:07 CET 1999

Interesting thread. I have very limited experience in that; the only thing
I've built and still use is a preamp with a little single ended class A
power amp, approx. 1W, with a transformer I "found" somewhere, and
a 4Ohm resistor to terminate it. I would not claim that I could design
a tube amp to get a certain sound, or pick the right transformer for the
right power at a given lower end of frequency range (at least not without
going thru th eright books ...). Does a decent job on my CX-3 for
that fake Hammond sound; better than a preamp-only box like the
Hughes&Kettner Metal Master I bought by accident (;->).

BUT - I'm sure that there *is* some contribution to the overall sound
from a saturated output transformer, little "peaks" appearing on the
maxima of a sine wave, which is quite different from other types of
distortion. I always thought that this is part of "the" sound (not sure,
though). If so, wouldn't you loose something when you retrofit your
Marshall with a "better" transformer ??


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