guitar speaker/was Re: Tube challenge!

Martin Czech martin.czech at
Fri Nov 26 09:21:45 CET 1999

:::Notice that I said PROFESSIONAL players in my description of DOA Marshalls.  The
:::kind of behavior you cited is not characteristic of a professional.  But amps do
:::have to be designed to take a certain amount of abuse under real-world 
:::conditions, and some Marshalls are not up to the job.  A good example of this is
:::George Lynch (of Lynch Mob--great name!) who literally blows up his Marshalls.  
:::He's one of the aforementioned musicians who "go through amps like water".  

Sorry, my fault. I thought trannie means transistor! (It sometimes does?).

Well, I saw people with more than 20 Albums out, tatooed millionares, crashing their
Marshall tube amps onto the Marshall stack, in order to make them play again!
Some kinds of music (that I like) are quite rough, they abuse the amps, like you said.


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