guitar speaker/was Re: Tube challenge!

Martin Czech martin.czech at
Fri Nov 26 09:15:11 CET 1999

Well, I think it was about tube power stages and output transformers.
How can one destroy a tube (without an elephant sitting on it)?  Too much
anode current will make the anode glow (good idea to look at it), but
amateur radio people said to me that the tubes can stand that for a
while (a bipolar transistor or mosfet will die very soon if the SOA is
left so far behind). Tubes can also withstand very large anode voltage
transients/overstress compared to transistors (2nd breakdown, snapback).

If you do something wrong to a tube amp, either a cap or a transformer
will blow, tubes die slowly (my own experience and that of my amateur
radio collegues, perhaps radio tubes behave different from "audio"

Hmmm, just hear me talking, am I tube infected or what?
Perhaps it is just a case of Eguitar lust, after not playing
for 3 month...


::: Hence the rise of the 
:::"reactive load simulators", one of which I know for a fact is a copy of a 
:::speaker equivalent circuit in the "Radiotron Designer's Handbook".  You could 
:::probably build a reactive load of your own for far less $$$. 

That's imteresting. Any schematics online?


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