anyone use plexiglass faceplates?

Cal Grant cjay at
Thu Nov 25 21:15:24 CET 1999

On Sun, 21 Nov 1999 DCMagnuson at wrote:

> I had an idea this morning, and I was wondering if anyone has tried something 
> similar before.  

Ha Ha!!!  I built my first Moog 900 series modules in 1971 and I used
smoky grey acrylic front panels!  In addition, several of the modules, I
did with clear dark red acrylic panels, just for variation!

I have been planning to post a page showing the 16 or so photos I took of
the unit for a while. This thread clinches it!  I will create a page in a
month or so, when a friend with a scanner gets around to scanning my 35mm
slides. I will post a msg to the list when it's done.


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