Of MOTM-410 and washable solder

Tony Allgood oakley at techrepairs.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Nov 25 20:25:10 CET 1999

Hi all,

I have just built my first module for my new modular. I started with
Paul's MOTM version of the Korg triple resonant filter. This is a very
nice kit. The instructions are very well laid out, and all the parts
went together very well. The finished module is a super little thing, I
haven't had anything that does the sort of whirly wooshey sort of sound
that it does so well. Bung a Fm7 (my favourite chord, with bottom note
F) from my polysynth and it sounds as if Jean-Michel is in the house.

For soldering the PCB, Paul supplies washable organic solder. Superb
stuff. I have been using Ersin flux for years now, and the difference is
remarkable. When I worked at Marconi, it was no bother to drop my
finished circuit board into the arklone bath. This worked well with old
fashioned flux, but since going all green, I haven't seen a beautifully
clean PCB for ages. I have decided that I will use this stuff for all my
new PCBs. Not for prototyping mind, that will still be Ersin. Maplin
don't stock washable flux, but Farnell do have some under the name of
Hydro-X. About 18UKP for a 500g reel, which is about the same for
ordinary fluxed solder. I don't mind having to wash the PCB every so
often; its good to have a break every so often.


Tony Allgood  Penrith, Cumbria, UK

Walsh synthesiser, SuperLadder, TB303 clone and rack mounted filter


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