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davealex davealex at obliq.net
Thu Nov 25 18:15:00 CET 1999

Halloween Jack wrote:
> Anyone know of any sequencing programs for a 286? I got it for free, and
> figured I'd find SOMETHING to do with it... Thanks ahead
> -HJ

Hello.  I don't know the availability of this package (I have copy if you
can't buy it anymore), but I *LOVE* Drummer 2.0.  I believe I first starting
using it on my 386, so I am assuming it will work on a 286.  In case you're
not familiar with the software, it basically gives you a grid.  Time on the
x axis and assignable midi channel/note# on the y axis.  You fill in the
squares with a velocity (color) coded box...simple!  It has 50 patterns that
you can program and switch between on the fly...kinda like you can do with
the 606.  This is by far my favorite MIDI program, I still exclusively use
it today on my 486 for software MIDI programming!

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