ot: micropower tubes was RE: More tubes

Martin Czech martin.czech at intermetall.de
Thu Nov 25 15:37:26 CET 1999

OK, from the links that were given to me by friendly members
I'm now convinced that no authentic guitar sound will come  out 
without pushpull pentode power stage, transformer and guitar speaker.
Especially the cabinet into damping box idea is remarkable.

In order to avoid the hell of noise a throttled design should be
used, i.e. very low output watts rating, less then 1W, if possible.
So far I've seen only discussions. Are there any circuits you have tryed?
Perhaps a "power soak" could be used as well?

Now I'm sad that I have killed the dual triode record player,
it sounded quite good with synth sounds (no guitar at that time),
and had low power, too.

For all German list members (and Dutch):
Rainer von der Linde has published some tube books (Elektor),
there are also sources for strange transformer parts.

Perhaps this is not ot at all, because mono synth lines can get
a monster when played through tube distortion!!


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