OT: 286 software

inman inman at interpath.com
Thu Nov 25 15:28:10 CET 1999

Halloween Jack wrote:
> Anyone know of any sequencing programs for a 286? I got it for free, and
> figured I'd find SOMETHING to do with it... Thanks ahead
> -HJ

The CMU Midi Toolkit includes Adagio, a sequencer that should run on a 286.
Although it has no graphic interface, it is very powerful in that it includes
some jazzy features like allowing you to record without reference to a beat 
or to set up a file using ASCII codes that will allow you to play in multiple
tempos (tempi?).  The program is free. 

The DOS Executables are on this page (scroll down to find them):  


There are also some other great little programs like a midi monitor and some
sysex programs.  The code is available if you want to roll your own. 


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