search for switchers

Martin Czech martin.czech at
Thu Nov 25 09:47:51 CET 1999

:::Another technique is to use two MOS switches in series, connected together
:::drain to drain (or source to source) and use the pesky reverse diode that
:::way. I saw this in a "Design Idea" or "Idea for Design". You can pass an AC
:::wave with this arrangement. It looks crazy but it works. I've tried it in
:::both spice simulation and real life...
:::OTOH, one good switch might be better... but I have a lot of cheap leftover
:::n channel MOS trannys so why not. I used the VN1206 for integrator reset on
:::a VCO.

And the series point could be set to the same voltage as the
leakage sensible node via resistor/buffer, so that Uds is very low
for one of the NMOST. Thus channel leakage should improve.


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