Tube modular vs. safety

Toby Paddock tpaddock at
Thu Nov 25 06:51:04 CET 1999

It seems to me that a tube modular that's a 
little dangerous might be kind of appropriate.

On the other hand, there are bananas with a spring loaded 
insulating tube that covers the conductor when it is unplugged.
They work with standard jacks.
4911A -  Retractable Sheath Banana Plug Patch Cord 
5403 -  Retractable Sheath Stacking Banana Plug Patch Cord 

Or you could use the type that come with meters.
The have a fixed insulating tube, but they would not 
work with standard jacks.

I've got a big pile of mail I haven't read.
So my apologies if someone said this already.

"Let's see, patch the OUCH! vco to the YOW! vcf and ZZZIT! 
tie the WHAAYAAYAA! lfo to the WOWOWEEE! vco..."

 - -- -  Toby Paddock

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